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As you may have noticed in recent weeks and months, I’m not posting at the rate I once did. That’s partly because I seem to have gotten a bit more long-winded over the past three years, but also because my time’s a bit more limited these days (stupid job….). As such, I’ve decided to limit myself to one good post a day, rather than scrounging quickly for a second one that often ends up as little more than the rehash of the article/essay/news item itself. You know: the whole quality over quantity thing…

In order to make sure that each day’s post gives you the kind of information, commentary and opinion you want to see at sustainablog, I’d like to ask a small favor: would you take just a minute to respond to the poll below? Let me know what kinds of posts you’d most like to see. I’ll keep this post at the top for the next week to give everyone a chance to respond. Please make sure you scroll through all of the options (there are seven), and please don’t answer more than once. Of course, you’re always welcome to send me feedback.

Thanks so much! I value your opinion, and will keep your feedback in mind as we move forward.


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