Sustainablog Sunday

Well, there’s quite a bit more out on the sustainable blogosphere than normal for a Sunday, and I’ve attempted to get all out there for you, but, as sometimes happens, the best discussion has nothing to do with sustainability but with trackback links. Thanks to Odograph for his explanations in the comments of that post, and for his trackback demonstration (I’ve added you to our “Friends” list if you’ll accept the designation, Odo). I agree with him that trackback really represents the community potential of blogs, as we can create a hypertextual discussion among blogs rather than the individual, isolated “Comments” that have been the norm.

Of course, as I’ve been playing with trackbacks the last couple of days, the spamming potential has become clear — I now understand why, for instance, Preemptive Karma had to disable trackback for a while — anyone could ping an entry with their URL whether they’d actually written about/responded to a post or not. Even with that possibility, I’m still excited about the possibilities for taking our community to another level…

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