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Young St. Louis Farmer Snags NRDC Growing Green Award

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE9xdl1WGRE[/youtube] In 2009, I spent several months volunteering with a new non-profit organization dedicated to small-scale, local food production… EarthDance. The organization’s founder, Molly Rockamann, was a total powerhouse of [ … ]

Update On Rising Global Food Prices

Last month I started a series of monthly updates on the rising prices of food in international trade.  As you can see from the graph above, the trend is continuing [ … ]

Why I Wish More People Could Meet Farmers

The other day I made a comment on a blog post that had quoted an article I wrote about the surprisingly tiny scale of organic farming.  In describing “conventional agriculture,” [ … ]

US Organic Farming: Digging into the Numbers

In 2008, the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the USDA (USDA-NASS) conducted a first-time, in-depth survey of the US organic farming sector.  A summary was published in 2010 from which [ … ]

Holy Shit! Can Manure Management Save Us?

“Holy Shit!” is damned right. Here’s a book about just that — manure. Precious, plentiful, misunderstood manure. Cow manure, horse poop, human feces, dog shit, you name it, Gene Logsdon [ … ]

Conserving and Rebuilding Soils

By Lester R. Brown The literature on soil erosion contains countless references to the “loss of protective vegetation.” Over the last half-century, clearcutting, overgrazing, and overplowing have removed so much [ … ]