Taking a Bite Out of Stuffiness…

Just like my colleagues in academia, we sustainability/environmentalist folks can all get a bit too serious. Joel Makower points to a new venture that plans to take on this stuffiness with “a sassier shade of green”: Ideal Bite. IB is the brainchild of Jen Boulden (with whom I’ve exchanged email on occasion through GreenBusiness.net) and Heather Stephenson. Once you read their mission statement (a very serious-sounding term, but I can’t think of another phrase), you’re sure to be hooked:

We promise to entertain and educate you on simple ways to be green (ie: environmentally and socially conscious), and give you truly fantastic deals on the best products and services. For free.

We just want to share our green knowledge, stories, and stupid jokes with you. Well, Jen tends to tell more of the stupid jokes, while Heather sometimes forgets to write her pieces altogether when imbibing too much organic wine. (And it gets better.)

We recognize that YOU, the consumer, are the key to developing better, greener products and services. By joining The Ideal Bite, you will be joining an elite tribe of sorts. Your opinions will be sought from top companies, and therefore you will be playing a pivotal role in developing a more sustainable economy.

So far, they’re publishing a daily newsletter and a blog (which is a really fun read — how could it not be with post titles like “How to Avoid Feeling Like a Dumb Sissy”). So, bring on the green tips and stupid jokes — we need more of both!

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