Taking a Sick Day…

Came down with whatever’s going around — doctor didn’t even want to see me; he just called in a prescription… So, light today, but I wanted to make sure to point to Carnival of the Green #18 at DirtyGreek.org. I’m particularly excited about this one, not just because there’s the usual round-up of great green posts, but also because we’re announcing the Forest Image Registry project also. Several of us (specifically George, Harlan and Andrew and I) have created an interactive web site where you can see national forest lands that may go on the auction block if Dubya & co. have their way… Visit the blog (the home page is acting up a bit), contribute your pictures and stories of national forests near your home, and contact the USDA-Forest Service — the public comment period on this stinker runs through March 28.

I’m going back to bed… Have a great day!

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