Taking the Plunge

After several months of musing, I’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of affiliate marketing, and have added an ad for Vivavi.com to the sidebar. I’m proud to be affiliated with a company like Vivavi that shares so many of the same values as I do. As I noted in an earlier post on this possibility, sustainablog itself will not be changing; you can expect the same kinds of content and commentary that I’ve provided from the beginning. I also promise to disclose relationships with companies that I blog about (if I have one, of course). At the same time, I certainly encourage my readers to shop sustainably, and I hope that I can help you do that. As always, I welcome and encourage your feedback.


Updated: After posting and testing these links, it still looks like they haven’t been activated. The company’s literature assures me this will happen shortly, so I’m going to leave them up for now and continue to check and test. Thank you for your patience!

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