Texas Biogas Facility Under Construction, or Poop to Power Goes Big Time

From RenewableEnergyAccess.com, news of construction beginning on the Huckaby Ridge Biogas Production facility near Stephenville, TX.

Construction, pending financing, calls for eight 916,000-gallon digesters, enough to process manure from 10,000 cows. The company [Microgy] signed an agreement with an adjacent composting site for manure from more than 20,000 cows, providing Microgy with the exclusive right to source all the manure required by the project.

The facility is expected to produce an aggregate of one billion cubic feet of biogas per year with an energy content of 650,000 million BTU (equivalent to approximately 12,700 gallons per day of heating oil). The gas will be treated and compressed to produce and deliver pipeline-grade methane that will be sold as a commodity directly into a nearby natural gas pipeline.

There are lots of cows in Texas, so this seems like a logical step forward. With natural gas prices on the rise, this kind of gas production could become very competitive quickly.

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