Thank You for a Great Year!

I did some digging around for news and developments, and they’re certainly out there, but I think a much better use of tonight’s post, the last of 2006, is to say “Thank you!” to all of you, new readers and old, that have been with me throughout the year. As always, I’m very grateful for your continued support: as the “Sustainable Blogosphere” blogroll demonstrates, you have many, many choices in green blogs these days (and that a good thing!).

It’s been a great year for me, and for sustainablog. I started the year moving from academia to the corporate world, and by the end of it, I landed a dream job. Come by on the second: I’ll have much more to tell you about that dream job…

In addition to all of you that keep coming back, I have to give thanks to the other blogs out there sending readers my way. After a look at the traffic stats for the year (I’m using Google Analytics exclusively now), I owe special thanks to 2006’s Top Ten:

  1. Treehugger (who I also have to thank for bringing me on board — it’s been a blast! And Nick, great to meet you in person!)
  2. The Oil Drum (and there may be more news about them, too…)
  3. Gristmill
  4. Green Car Congress
  5. EcoGeek (It was great to meet you, Hank!)
  6. The Energy Blog
  7. Musing of an Eco-Entrepreneur (more on Shea to come …)
  8. Groovy Green
  9. Boing Boing
  10. Green LA Girl (Sorry we missed each other in St. Louis and LA, Siel!)

Of course, these aren’t the only blogs and bloggers I owe thanks. Among the others that have earned my gratitude are WorldChanging (with special thanks for the opportunities to write guest posts), theWatt (loved doing the panels, Ben!), It’s the Environment, Stupid!, The Higher Pie, It’s Getting Hot in Here, the now-retired (but hopefully not permanently) City Hippy, commonground, Two Steps Forward (enjoyed our meeting, Joel!), Citizen Green (you’ll find out more about this one on Tuesday), Climate Change Action, … I could go on and on. If you didn’t get a mention here, rest assured that I appreciate your part in making sustainablog a success.

Many thanks to San Francisco Chronicle writer Gregory Dicum for his very kind write-up in March.

I’m sure I’ve left out way too many people… you’ve all been fantastic! Here’s to a new green year… and building on the many successes of the old one.


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