The Definitive Guide to Organic California Wines

Siel takes a break from holding Starbuck’s feet to the fire to present “a comprehensive list of organic Cali wines.” You’ll recognize the usual suspects (Frey Vineyards, Benziger Winery), but there are quite a few others, many with online stores. I’ll tell you what… in my ample free time (that’s sarcasm), I’ll see what I can find out about Missouri wineries that are organic. Believe it or not, the Show-Me State has developed quite a wine industry. I’m not a huge fan of much of it, as sweeter grapes tend to grow well here, but several vineyards have some really tasty drier wines. So far, Heinrichshaus Vineyards and Winery in St. James is my hands-down favorite, though they’re not organic…

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