The ‘Eco-Chic’ Set Will Kick It in NYC

From Summer Rayne, news of a very cool event next week in the Big Apple: ICInyc.

On January 25th, 2006 New York’s eco-conscious elite will descend on the trendy LES hotspot Libation for a party held by ICInyc. The first party of its kind, ICInyc will bring these eco-chic revelers together for a simple purpose; to show the rest of the world that being fabulous and easy on the planet are one and the same.

The city’s fashion, design, media, and arts communities will sample organic wines provided by Organic Vintners of Boulder, CO, organic vodka from Orange V, and fine organic chocolates from Green + Black from 7pm – 8pm. The evening will then intensify with hot guest DJs including the blood-pumping music of Learned Evolution followed by the intense audio flavor of Evil Genius, endless dancing, electric vehicles provided by ETS, a visit from the β€œGreen Fairy,” and many other surprises.

The future-forward set is hungry for an ultra chic venue that speaks to its consciousness. ICInyc (β€œici” is French for β€œhere”), a roving celebration of front line visionaries blending fashion, design, media and the arts with the modest task of saving the planet, fills the void. “We created ICInyc as a spectacle, experiment and gathering place for the growing number of fashionable, design-savvy, eco-conscious urban dwellers,” says Charles Heckman, one of the masterminds behind the event.

Needless to say, I’m very jealous I can’t go, despite my utter lack of chicness… ICInyc has a whole host of very cool sponsors, including our friends at Treehugger, Vivavi, Delano Collection, and Summer Rayne herself. I’ll be looking for pictures next week, as I’m told there will be many members of the press on hand. Have a shirley for those of us in flyover country, SR…!

So, I’m taking bets: who will be the “Green Fairy?”

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