The ‘Green 5’ Podcast Launches at BeSustainable.com

Here’s one I meant to get up earlier last week: sustainable blogger/podcaster Ryan Wiseman has lauched the “Green 5” podcast series. In the first edition, he gives an overview of five green blogs he reads (thanks for the nod, Ryan!). The concept behind Green 5:

The Green 5 is a short environmental podcast produced by BeSustainable.com. Each episode of the Green 5 covers 5 thoughts, ideas, actions, links or resources on a green/sustainable theme. Or we rant for 5 minutes or less. If you have feedback or ideas for the green 5 submit it at www.besustainable.com/greenfive.

Ryan also kicks in some very nice guitar licks… Listen, enjoy, and let him know what you’d like to hear… Ryan’s probably the foremost among us as far as taking advantage of multimedia, so go read and listen… On the multimedia front, also go check out Groovy Green’s new video review of a solar cell phone charger…

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