The Green Blogosphere Lens: An Update

My Green Blogosphere Squidoo Lens continues to bounce around the lower half of the top 100 (while the Composting with Worms lens broke into the top 50 for a few days), so I’m taking that as evidence that some are finding it useful. If you’ve visited recently, you’ve seen that I’m in the process of making big changes. First, I’ve decided to drop the “Great Discussions” module, simply because I don’t feel like I’m able to keep up with it as well as I’d like. Secondly (and this is the biggie), I’ve deleted the “The Best of the Green Blogosphere” module, and am slowly working to create categorized modules of the whole Green/Sustainable Blogosphere. I’ve just gotten a start on this with an incomplete “General Sustainability” module, and one for our Scientists. Other categories I envision: renewable energy, green business, peak oil, sustainable style… This all comes from suggestions from Mr. Squidoo, Shea, on making the lens more of a comprehensive resource. I’m completely down with that, but it will take some time… Want to help? You can:

  1. Visit the lens and click on links — this helps keep the Lens Ranking up.
  2. Tell me what I’ve missed — I have to enter blog titles, URLs and descriptions manually, so I’ll certainly miss some things — let me know.
  3. Click on ad links — I get some revenue from this, half of which I’ve designated for the Squidoo Charity Fund.
  4. Send me your suggestions.

I’ve become a total Squidoo junkie, and have a couple of other lenses in the works… stay tuned!

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