The Long, Long Life of a Plastic Bag (PPB #15)

plastic bag in tree

According to Becky Stiepe’s guest post at Glue & Glitter, each of us uses about 330 plastic shopping bags a year. All together, that means we go through 90 billion of ’em… and, as the video she found shows, these things live on long after they’ve served their purpose.

Are you religious about taking the reusable bags to the store? Remember most of the time? Or, just don’t do it? I’m pretty good, but still forget them more than I’d like. Any suggestions for making sure you’ve got reusable bags on hand when you need them?

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  1. Carrie

    I used to forget all the time and then a friend told me about this company that sells eco-friendly shopping kits and accessories so you don’t forget your bags. They have a Reusable Bag Reminder Kit that comes with a reminder for the house and also for the car so you don’t forget to take them into the store with you. Now I never forget. http://www.grabyourbags.com check it out!

  2. Sam

    Not sure if this will help you but as soon as I bring the bags in and empty them out, I put them right in the path that I take to get into the car. For example, the garage is on the lower level, the kitchen is upstairs, I bring the groceries in, throw the empty bags down to where the lower level door to the garage is so that way late when I go to leave the house, I have to step on the bags to get through :)!

  3. Donna

    I like Baggu (baggubag.com) 15x25x6 reusable grocery size bags. They fold up very thin and I keep 2 in my purse inside the little pouch that they come in. After unloading the groceries (or whatever), I fold up the bags and put them back in my purse for next time. Two bags are usually enough for a quick trip to any store. I grab more bags (these or canvas bags) when doing major grocery trips. It’s easy because they’re stored hanging on a door handle on the way out to the car. The baggu are a little pricey, but they are comfortable to hold and they’ve held up really well – over 2 years without any holes or tears. They’re neat in their little pouch so you can store a couple in the glove compartment or console so you always have a bag handy. The canvas bags are nice for lugging home heavy stuff, but they’re bulky bags to tote around.

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