The Mayor of London Gets It, Too

Also from the Guardian, news of an ambitious plan by London mayor Ken Livingstone to address climate change:

The mayor of London will announce the creation of a green public-private partnership which will see senior politicians and business figures joining forces to devise and commercially market environmental initiatives.

The mayor’s scheme is based on pioneering municipal schemes developed in the Surrey town of Woking, where the local authority won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for local sustainable community energy systems…

London’s performance as a “green” city is crucial to the national and global effort to address climate change because of the capital’s size and the fact that such a large population lives in such high densities. City businesses are also notorious contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases.

As part of his energy strategy, Mr Livingstone has pledged to reduce London’s emissions of carbon dioxide by 20% from the 1990 level by 2010.

If I remember right, Livingstone is London’s first elected mayor. Between this plan and the institution of congestion charges, Livingstone is showing that London’s citizens chose well in electing an environmental steward.

Via Eco-Portal.

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