The Naked Eye and New Orleans

Before I move on to other things, I wanted to make sure to thank Karel Sloane, author of With the Naked Eye (affiliate link), for contacting me about her fund-raising efforts for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans. Karel writes environmental non-fiction, is a resident of New Orleans who lost nearly everything in the storm, and is donating half of her royalties from With the Naked Eye to relief efforts in the city. She wrote to me:

My goal is to help others examine how they define where they live, how they personalize nature in their lives, and how they define what is important for personal existence. Much of what I write is philosophical. I focus on human creativity as a force of nature, not something “Β“unnatural”Β” and separate from it. I also stress opening up a dialogue on nature by encouraging personal observation. I believe exploring the personal leads to an exchange of ideas, to exploring the effects of human ingenuity, and environmental preservation on a global scale.

Much of WITH THE NAKED EYE is situated in the neighborhoods of New Orleans. Some of these neighborhoods, like mine, were wiped away by flood.

I’m happy to promote Karel’s effort, and will even match it — if you buy With the Naked Eye from the link above, I’ll also donate half of my commission to relief efforts (likely the Red Cross).

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