The Obligatory ‘Happy New Year!’ Post

That title make it sound like I’m doing this because I have to… Rather, I’m happy to wish yet another ‘Happy New Year!’ to sustainablog readers, and am excited when I recognize I’ve done this three times now…

Of course, the new year demands reflecting on the old and planning for the new, and I’ve been thinking hard about what went well this past year, and how I can make sustainablog even better in 2006. 2005 was sustainablog’s “break out” year, and I want to thank all of you that helped make that happen. So, here’s what I’m considering:

1. Of course, there will be another edition of “Blogging ‘Round the Clock” around sustainablog’s third anniversary on July 11. I’m looking at local organizations to benefit from the fundraising: if any St. Louisans have suggestions on a worthy environmental organization, please chime in! I’m playing with the idea of looking for sponsors — if you have suggestions on this front, let me know.

2. I’m also thinking about regular feature items for sustainablog in addition to the normal news and commentary. I’ve really enjoyed writing the profiles for Greener (which will be returning shortly), and think something along these lines would be a great addition here. I’m also thinking about interviews or “Q&A” pieces.

3. I’m definitely interested in “joint ventures” — City Hippy‘s been quite an inspiration on this front. If you have ideas, bring ’em on…

4. I’m still playing with the idea of a podcast program — does the world need another talk radio/audio program on sustainability/ the environment?

5. I discussed the possibility of a Sustainable Blogosphere conference with Graham Hill of Treehugger late last year. Would some of you be interested in this? We’d do it online (of course).

6. Finally, I’ve been thinking for some time about moving to my own domain. Would this add to sustainablog’s credibility? I’m also interested in creating a logo — feel free to send me a bid.

Thank you for your contributions to and support of sustainablog over the past year. A Happy New Year to all!

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