The Pedal Powered Generator Goes Open Source

simple pedal power set-up

Building a simple pedal-powered generator isn’t that difficult – we got one (kind of like the one above) going on the fly nearly four years ago at the last blogathon up at Dancing Rabbit. Β It didn’t really generate enough power reliably to help us, though – that takes a bit more engineering. If you want to run your laptop, or a blender, or a log splitter (seriously), you need something like Pedal Power‘s Big Rig… which is the product of five years of engineering and testing.

Don’t have that kind of time or inclination? No problem: the Big Rig and other creations from this small company will soon be available as open source plans. A wildly successful Kickstarter project has provided the funding for developing the build plans and instructions, and, judging from the time frame mentioned at the Kickstarter page, you could see them on the market as early as next month.

Want to know more? Check out this post from our sister site Planetsave:

Pedal Power — Simple Human-Powered Means Of Generating Electricity (via Planetsave)

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to own an electricity generating bicycle, well, guess what, now you can. Pedal Power β€” as the concept has been dubbed β€” will give consumers the means to create electricity using nothing but their own muscle…

Top image credit: London Permaculture via photopin cc

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