The Plastic Spoon and Oil Addiction In America

A symbol of our industrial consumer culture?

What does a lowly plastic spoon have to say about American economics, politics, our culture, our lifestyles, and the workings of the world?

A whole lot, believe it or not.

Max Temkin’s poster sums up basically everything that is wrong with the American oil-addicted consumer economy pretty neatly in a single poster.

Really, enough said.

Image credit: flickr via mikko, Max Temkin

  1. Alyson Scott

    OK – for today the yogurt I ate (in the car) while breathing in ocean air, eating it with a plastic spoon, I washed and put the toxic plasic spoon in my utensil drawer and the next time I want a healthy treat and use another plastic spoon, I will do the same. Soon I may have enough plastic spoons to think ahead and keep one or two in a (plastic :(:(…) bag in the car to supply a large family with table ware. Something to think about, to not fill our land fill with this toxic stuff! It is a start.

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