The Politicos Chiming in on Cape Cod Wind

So, with a few more minutes to spare, I thought I’d briefly mention that the political blogs are getting in on the fracas over the Cape Wind Project.

  • Matt Yglesias has a post up at TAPPED taking on the National Review‘s master of smarm, Jonah Goldberg. Goldberg, of course, is simply taking delight in what he describes as a fight between “…sanctimonious environmentalists, super-rich property owners, and super-rich, property-owning, sanctimonious environmentalists feeding on each other like big hungry sharks in a small tank.” (He also gets Walter Cronkite’s position wrong, something I noted two years ago… Jonah? Hello?!). What we need, according to Yglesias, is not Goldberg’s self-congratulatory sneers, but an honest debate with Cape Wind opponents to demonstrate that this position is generally incosistent with others they’ve taken.
  • Rebecca Wiegand at Moving Ideas’ Ideopolis also points to the debate over Cape Wind and to Goldberg’s piece. She also takes note of some of the activist tactics Greenpeace has launched to get Cape Wind opponent Bobby Kennedy, Jr., on the right side of this issue. I’ve recently become a fan of this blog, BTW, because they do seem to cover environmental issues regularly. Atrios, Josh Marshall, etc. — take note! And to the Goldberg brigade — how ’bout some substantive contributions to the debate?

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