The “Power of Natural” in Bangkok

Also from Green Car Congress, a link to a Bangkok Post article on the Bangkok International Motor Show. This year, alternative fuels and hybrids are the big focus

Manufacturers placed on prominent display their latest alternative-fuel concepts and hybrid vehicles. While many remain unavailable in Thailand or are strictly in the concept stage, the new technologies provide a glimpse of the future for cost-conscious buyers.

Grand Prix, the organiser of the show, has created a special theme called ”Power of Natural”.

Vehicles showcasing new technologies include the Mercedes-Benz E200, which is now available commercially and can run on benzene or natural gas, say executives of DaimlerChrysler (Thailand).

Models on display for study purposes are the Volvo V70 Bi-Fuel, Chevrolet Corsa Flexpower and Jeep Grand Cherokee Sun Diesel. While the V70 can also run on natural gas, the Flexpower and Grand Cherokee can use ethanol-based fuel.

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