The Repurpose Project: Community-Based Waste Reclamation And Reuse [Video]

repurpose project cofounder mike myers

So, I’ve decided that if the face of a project is an older gentleman with a long white beard, and other hippie-like features, I’m interested. When I saw Mike Myers’ face (not that Mike Myers) on this article from Waste Management World, I had to check it out. The co-founder of Gainesville, Florida’s The Repurpose Project, Myers and partner Sarah Goff take materials that can’t be recycled through standard means, or donated to traditional thrift stores, and offer them for sale to people who might have a use for them.

As Myers notes in the video above, at least part of his motivation stems from his generational identity: Baby Boomers like himself are the ones that made plastic packaging so ubiquitous in the modern world, so he feels responsibility to address this particular issue.

A new idea? No. But The Repurpose Project is definitely innovative in a number of ways. First – as we’ve noted – they’re willing to take on materials others won’t. So, for instance, a local resident could go there for office, party, or art supplies. Secondly, the store sells many of its wares on a sliding scale, “pay as you wish” model.

A bit like St. Louis’ Upcycle Exchange, but rougher around the edges… take a look at the video above, and let us know what you think…

Featured photo credit: Screen capture from “The Repurpose Project” video

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