The SustainableBusiness.com Top 20

Here’s another item that’s already received quite a bit of attention around the Sustainable Blogosphere: Sustainablebusiness.com Lists its Top 20 Sustainable Stocks. The one that surprised me (and the article above makes mention of this) was Chiquita. Of course, their page on Corporate Responsiblity says all of the right things, but apparently they have turned over a new leaf, so to speak. A report at Bloomberg.com on socially responsible investing notes:

[Chiquita is] also “trumpeted as a model corporate citizen in terms of environmental impact” after years of “thumbing their nose at environmentalists,” Patsky said. Chiquita won the Rainforest Alliance’s “corporate conscience” award last year for reducing pesticide use and for improving pay and working conditions.

The Alliance’s web site has a profile of Chiquita’s movement towards more sustainable business and agricultural practices since 1992.

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