The sustainablog Squidoo Module

OK, some of you are probably thinking, “Jeff, enough with the Squidoo stuff already…” Or, “Is Seth Godin writing you a check?” No, he’s not… But I was kind of excited by the new sustainablog lens module. That’s right: you can add sustainablog’s feed to your lens simply by choosing the module — feed URL already built in. The title and description are your choices… If you’re already a lensmaster and want to add it, just click the “Add a Module” button on your edit page — right now, it’s still in the “New” lenses section. If you build a lens through the Green Web Headquarters, I believe it comes standard with your lens (though I’m sure you can remove it if you really want to… and break my heart in the process… ;-D). Want to see what it look like in a lens? OK, here’s my latest.

BTW (you knew it was coming), were up to 48 lenses now… it’s turning into quite the group of greenies! Feel free to join in… And remember — all proceeds from the group, and from my own lenses, go to Dos Margaritas (which I’ll probably do a post on… stay tuned).

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