The Twelve Days of sustainablog: Dumpster Diving, Online Shopping and Hand Towels

philadelphia leprechaunWith several new GO blogs launching in March, a few of sustainablog’s regulars moved on to other posting assignments. We were fortunate that a number of friends, such as the folks at Life Goggles, Environmental Defense Fund, and Eco-Libris, did admirable jobs in filling the gap.Β  Additionally, we were pleased to republish several posts from the University of Kansas’ “Media and the Environment” course blog.

The original content we did publish was great stuff, of course.Β  Take a look below, and see a few of the goodies from March (and not a single post on green beer!).

March 2008

Tomorrow: Fools, Showers and maybe even some Wine — April 2008

Read more of the sustainablog 2008 year-end wrap-up

Image credit: Irish Philadelphia Photo Essays at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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