The Waste Biz: CES 2016 To Feature E-Waste Recycling Event

e-waste recycling comes to CES 2016

e-waste recycling comes to CES 2016

The holidays are over, and that means it’s time to get out of holiday mode. So after a month without Waste Biz posts, we’re getting back on track here. Looking forward to an exciting new year in the waste industry!

As a former Las Vegas resident, my attitude towards the mammoth CES (Consumer Electronics Show) trade show is still rooted in that period of my life: stay away from the Strip, and be ready to commiserate with friends who worked for tips (because the techie crowd was famous for not tipping). But CES is also a focal point for the consumer electronics industry, and, as such, an excellent place for emphasizing environmental responsibility for that sector. So, I was pleased to see that CES 2016 would be the first to feature an e-waste recycling event.

According to Recycling Today, show host the Consumer Technology Association has tapped Fresno, California-based Electronic Recyclers International (or ERI, which we’ve featured before) and Samsumg to host a free e-waste collection event for the entire Las Vegas community. On January 10 (this Sunday), anyone can bring those old cell phones, computers, and televisions that have been stashed in a drawer or closet to the Gold Parking Lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center for recycling.

As you might imagine, ERI CEO John Shegarian is pretty excited about this event! He told RT:

It is a huge honor to have been chosen to be the official electronics recycler at this first-of-its-kind event at CES—truly, the Super Bowl of the electronics industry… The work we will be doing this weekend to prevent unwanted electronics from ending up in landfills, and partnering with forward-thinking, environmentally concerned organizations like our good friends at Samsung and CTA, exemplifies what can be accomplished when great organizations pool their resources for the common good.

I don’t know how available e-waste recycling is normally in Las Vegas, but I’m hoping this event gets a buzz going around this practice… and demand for more of it. If you make it to the CES 2016 event, or just have thoughts about e-waste recycling in general, do share…

Also from the waste front in the new year:

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