The Zero-Emission Mobile Juice Bar: Herb-N-Juice

green smoothie
green smoothie
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Food trucks have become the hottest trend on wheels. They offer unique flavors and dishes to satisfy lines of awaiting customers. But like any restaurant, food trucks typically produce excessive waste in their food preparation and services. Many also are powered by fossil fuel-burning engines, and generators that pollute the air.

Going against the status quo of their industry, the guys over at Chicago start-up Herb-N-Juice have created a completely emission-free mobile juice bar. The customized golf cart is “fueled” by rechargeable batteries and solar panels on the aluminum roof. The two energy sources create about 10,000 watts of electricity, which is enough to power the high-efficiency refrigeration, blending, and slow juicing appliances. In comparison, an average coffee machine will use about 800 watts of electricity to make four cups of coffee in ten minutes.

But there’s even more that I like about this business. All of the smoothies and juices are made from locally-sourced, organic ingredients. They are served in glass jars, or cups made from 100% renewable resources. The start-up is known for their “Green Mint Juice,” “Pomegranate Beet Juice,” and chocolate and vanilla almond milk. All leftover fruit and vegetable fibers are composted. The entire process is a win-win for everyone! Customers get the health benefits of eating super foods, and give back to the environment.

Although many of us may not have an opportunity to visit this innovative juice bar, we can show our support by giving them some love on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Herb-N-Juice hopes to make their debut this Spring; keep an eye out for them at a fitness center or yoga studio near you!

Leave me a note in the comment section if you know of a business that’s reducing their carbon footprint, minimizing their waste, and providing quality products.

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