These Shopping Bags Hold All Sorts of Things…

Thanks to sustainablog reader Eric Benson for sending this one my way: Tokyo-based lingerie company Triumph is constantly looking for innovative ways to address social and environmental issues. Last time around, it was the Warm Biz Bra, complete with removable pads that can be heated in the microwave. The company’s latest offering is designed to discourage Japanese shoppers from using plastic grocery bags: The “Bra Rangers” (a take on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) have cup padding that can be removed and used as a shopping bag… really! According to an article at Yahoo! News,

The “Bra Rangers” … come with matching underwear whose pocket has the inscribed message, “No more plastic bags!”

The bra-turned-bag is made of polyester fiber created through recycling. The bra straps can be tied onto the bag as ribbons.

No word from the company on what happens if a woman wearing this decides to make an impulse buy when not carrying extras… Shopping in Japan may never be the same.

UPDATE: BoingBoing beat me to the punch on this one…

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