Think Green, Live Green… and Make a Video!

livegreenchallengelogo.jpgUser-created video contests are all the rage lately, and Juntoventure, a non-profit organization dedicated to “sustainability education through digital media,” has joined the fun with its “Think Green Live Green Challenge.” Starting tomorrow (Friday, January 18th), the Challenge invites participants to do a little bit more than just make a video about green living practices they’ve adopted: Juntoventure and the contest’s sponsors ask entrants to create videos that contribute to “a community of dialogue about the challenges of eco-friendly living.”

“A community of dialogue” is one of those phrases that comes out of my former academic life, but the concept is simple: make a video that contributes to and advances the conversation about sustainable lifestyles. In this spirit, Juntoventure starts the discussion with a video collection of its own that provides some great examples, and also frames the conversation. Your task: join the dialogue by contributing a video with your perspective. The contest provides some questions to get those creative juices percolating:

  • What are the biggest challenges you face in becoming more eco-friendly?
  • What questions do you have about eco-friendly living?
  • Are you taking any specific actions right now to be more eco-friendly, and if so, do you have a way to do it easily and conveniently?
  • What changes would you like to see happen from companies and the marketplace?

Oscar-caliber production values are not a part of the judging criteria, so use what technology you have available — a web cam, a phone camera, a digital video camera, etc. — and start shooting. Once you’ve got your masterpiece made, upload it as a video response to the contest’s original video at YouTube. That’s it: you’re entered. Then stay tuned for the announcement of the top thirty entries, and the opportunity to vote for the winning videos. The videos that survive the voting will score their creators a share of thousands of dollars worth of cool green products, and the chance to be featured in an upcoming interactive video series produced by Juntoventure.

So, start thinking about how you’ll contribute to the conversation… but don’t think too long: the entry period ends on February 28, 2008. If you need some inspiration, check our massive archive of daily tips. And come back here to sustainablog every Friday for our selection of the best contest submissions of the week.

Green Options Media is proud to be a “Top Promoter” of the Think Green Live Green Challenge, along with Treehugger and Matador.

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