Tomorrow’s Green Business Chat: Business Meets ManBearPig

So, Shea and I learned a valuable lesson last week… if we don’t promote the chat, we end talking to each other… It was a great conversation, but we’d certainly like to have more folks involved. So, here’s the announcement in advance: we’re going to give business and global warming another shot. With An Inconvenient Truth opening around the country (and doing very well at the box office), and with corporations literally tripping over themselves to get on board to fight climate change, we thought it seemed like a very topical issue (how’s that for an understatement). So come with your thoughts on corporate America’s responses to global warming, entrepreneurial opportunities that exist in fighting it and what’s needed from government and the non-profit sector to really make a dent in our carbon emissions… Oh, yeah, and come with a pirate joke, too…

The chat will take place at the regular time and place: 6:30 PST/8:30 CST to 8/10 at http://greenbizchat.campfirenow.com. You do need an invitation if it’s your first time joining us, so email me at sustainablog at gmail dot com, and I’ll get one to you. Thanks as always to the chat’s sponsor, CFLBulbs.com.

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