Tomorrow’s Green Business Chat: Taking Green Business to the Mainstream

Shea threw out an idea to me this morning: what about a Treehugger-type blog/site devoted solely to green business? While I’m certainly not out to create any competition for my new second home in the green blogosphere, I found the idea intriguing. So,… let’s talk about it. Would a green business blog and/or site aimed at mainstream readers be a welcome addition? Would they address an audience not served by excellent sites like GreenBiz.com and SustainableBusiness.com that are geared more towards business people? Is green business something we could make hip, cool, even sexy? Would we need to in order to attract a broad readership? These are all questions we can and will discuss at tomorrow’s Green Biz Chat.

The Chat will take place, as always, at 6:30 PST/8:30 CST, and run for an hour and a half. We welcome anyone who’s interested in joining us; if you’d like to take part in the discussion, and haven’t been to one before, drop me a note so I can get you an invitation. We talk about serious issues, but also have a really good time, so don’t miss out. Again, we’re grateful to CFLBulbs.com for sponsoring the chat.

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