Tony Kornheiser, the Buddha, and Urban Cycling (PPB #36)

urban cycling

Chris Baskind, founder of simple living site More Minimal (among others), sent me a note about a half-hour ago apologizing for getting his guest post up relatively late in the game. Once you read it, though, you’ll realize that Chris had nothing to apologize for: his post on urban cycling takes a recent rant by a loud-mouthed sportscaster and a Buddhist maxim, and blends them into an elegant and thoughtful discourse on the state of urban cycling in the United States.

If you’re a cycler, read this. If you’re a motorist who gets irritated by bicycles on the road, read this. If you’re interested in how our thinking about transportation is undergoing a gradual, but definite, shift, certainly read this.

Many thanks to Chris, and to all of the bloggers who’ve taken the time and energy to produce a fantastic collection of posts for the blogathon. We’ve still got at least one more to go, but it’s not too early to start expressing my gratitude: we literally could not have done what we’ve done in the last 22 hours without their contributions.

Yep, you know what’s coming… donations… we’re taking ’em…

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