The Top Green Colleges & Universities in the US [Infographic]

A few years ago, we published a (very popular) Β post on the US’ greenest college and universities. As campus sustainability has taken off around the world, and more schools are making strides towards lower environmental footprints, that post probably needs updating. So, we were thrilled when we got word about this new infographic with new information on which schools are “making the grade” on the sustainability front.

Take a look, and, like before, if you believe there’s a college or university not receiving recognition it deserves, let us know about it: leave your suggestions in the comments. (Click on the image for a larger version.)

The Greenest College Campuses
Compiled By: Online Colleges Guide

  1. Kim Johnson

    I have a now-Senior in high school daughter. I gotta admit: I”m not so focused on finding a green college campus as I am in saving my own GREEN ($$$) when it comes to college campuses.

    1. Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

      Nothing wrong with that, Kim – tuition increases have been insane in recent years. Keep in mind, though, that many of the changes these campuses are making should lower long-term operating costs. I don’t know what those savings might translate into in terms of lower tuition, but that practical possibility is there. Parents and students should ask that question…

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