Does Tree House Building Sound Like a Good Time?

tree house2How about wind-turbine construction?Β  And a big family-friendly party in the midst of all the building projects? Sound like your kind of thing? Then you may want to make your way to Tecumseh, Missouri-based ecovillage East Wind Community during the first week of June for the Villages in the Sky festival.

Inspired by well-know events such as Burning Man and the Rainbow Gathering, the festival’s mission is

…to bring people together to explore the creation of sustainable energy: the kind that powers our appliances* and the kind that creates momentum in our lives. In full celebration of the wind element, we’ll be leaving behind positive traces of the world we’re actively building together: tree houses and wind mills. Small scale wind farms and other renewable energy* installations will be our work and tree house villages and zip line courses will be our play!

The overall goal will be the development of new ecovillages at the Villages in the Sky site… and, of course, a really good time. The organizers have already been testing out some of their ideas — at last year’s Burning Man, and at Central Virginia’s Acorn Community.

Want to help this bacchanalia of tree-house building and wind power development?

It’s easy: VIS is competing for a $5000 grant at Brighter Planet. You only need to register and vote… and they’re in the lead right now. You get three votes, and can use them all for Villages in the Sky, or spread them among some of the other worthy projects up for consideration. You have until Friday, January 15th, to give your support.

wind turbine burning man

Think you might attend? Got ideas for the festival? Been to something like this? Share your thoughts with us… and also check out Groovy Green’s post on Villages in the Sky.

Images credit: Villages in the Sky

*Links to pages in sustainablog’s Green Choices product comparison engine.

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