Treehugger TV is Here!

As with most Mondays, I’m fading fast, but I can’t let this one go by: congratulations to our friends at Treehugger for the launch of Treehugger TV!

Drrrrrrrum Rolllllllllll Please!………Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and everyone in between! Today we are very excited to announce the launch of TreeHugger TV. You may have sneaked a peak at our cute trial run Green Tips For Slackers a couple of months ago, but today we are officially introducing THTV with a fantastic double bill! So get your ipods and/or computer screens at the ready so you can be the first to see what TreeHugger TV has to offer.

You can watch Swaporamarama developer Wendy Tremayne discussing what inspired her anti-consumerism community event where people can come and swap and creatively customize clothes. You can also watch Joe Grunberg and Doug Kormal from Trike Taxi take us through their plans for a eco-friendly electric powered pedicab. Wow, look how they weave their way through those traffic jams!

There are a number of ways of watching TreeHugger TV other than the YouTube links above. For instant gratification you can go to Google Video where you can see all three episodes to date. Courtesy of the latest media miracle that is podcasting we are now able to regularly bring you entertaining and action packed snippets of our favourite TreeHugger stories. So for your weekly THTV fix you can subscribe to our podcast through itunes. But it doesn’t end there, keep watching this space because soon TreeHugger TV will have a website of its very own! We hope you enjoy watching.

If you needed proof that Treehugger’s the cutting edge of cool in the Green Blogosphere… well, there you have it! Look out, Current

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