UK Names Top 10 Renewable Energy Schemes

So, it’s not quite “early next year,” but, gosh darnit, I missed you guys. I’ve been working very hard at a contract position for a local African American publication, and am hopeful about a full-time position elsewhere. Thanks so much for all of your good words.

With the New Year a spin of the clock away, it’s time for all of those “best of” lists. Here’s one for sustainablog readers: the top ten British renewable energy developments that went online in 2005.

Ten new green energy projects have been named as best in the UK for leading the way in cutting carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy.

The schemes, which began operation in 2005, were exciting and innovative, the Department of Trade and Industry said.

They include offshore turbines in Kent, the solar-powered CIS tower in Manchester and a wave buoy in Cornwall.

A target of supplying 10% of the UK’s electricity from renewable energy by 2010 has been set by the government.

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks said: “The projects highlighted have certainly made their contribution to reducing carbon emissions and increasing the megawatt capacity that comes from green sources.”

Despite Tony Blair’s continued rumblings about nuclear power, it looks like the Brits are doing quite well with getting innovative renewable projects up and running. Make sure to check out the photo gallery, too — Manchester’s CIS Tower is paricularly photogenic (obviously), in addition to being the UK’s biggest solar energy project.

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