Need Upcycling Ideas on the Go? There's an App for That…

the create change upcycling app

Cleaning out a closet, or basement, or other space in your home, and just hate to send all of that potentially useful material to the landfill? We get it: that’s one of the many reasons we’ve published upcycling ideas for all sorts of materials, and different kinds of end products. Still, being able to search for projects you could do with any material would be really useful, and even better if you didn’t have to go boot up the computer to do it.

IfΒ Sean McKenna and Jenelle Montilone get their Kickstarter project funded, you’ll be able to do just that: they’re developing the Create Change App for crafty types who want to make use of some of that “junk,” or share their own projects with other upcyclers. I’ll let Jenelle explain:

Pretty cool, huh? Of course, the app will only be available if their project gets funded: they’re asking for $17,000 to complete the work on the Create Change app. If you like the idea, or simply want to find out how you can make use of an old pair of tennis shoes, or a gunked-up shower curtain, consider kicking in a few bucks to help bring this to market (for both iPhone and Android platforms).

Kind of an artsy-craftsy mobile Instructables – I like it! If you know of similar apps, or want to share what you’d really like to find in such a program, share your thoughts with us.

Image credit: Create Change App at Kickstarter

  1. Lauren

    Great idea, but how will it be different than Trash Backwards. Their mobile app went into beta this summer I believe. They already have a website that is already running and has what I believe to be a distinct advantage, their data base is already built. They also have a number of built in followers already, all waiting to download the app. I am one of them. Trash Backwards is also available on iphone and Androids platforms. Mobile is the wave of the future, but this is so far behind other projects of its kind I wonder how they will catch up? All I saw was a link to a kickstarter website. Do they have a website that is already running that they are developing the app for? Maybe I missed it?

  2. Jenelle

    Hey Lauren,
    Thanks for taking time to comment here and share your thoughts. Trash Backwards is pretty rad. Scott James reached out to me on the TrashN2Tees blog. I’m waiting to hear back from him. I also signed up to check out their beta app and will support their venture anyway that I can.

    We share the same goal: take action to encourage people to face their consumption and lessen our impact on the environment. To me, that is all that matters. The more content that is published, the more websites built, the more apps that are available, the bigger impact we’re making together. Let’s instigate these conversations!

    You ask how it will be different:
    As a free download, the content on the Create Change App will be available after the app is installed and even accessed without internet connection. Using discarded materials to create innovative, practical, and wearable works of art + change the world. The content will be tutorial based alone, not reusing it but actually recreating. DIY/Crafting a better future through art. We’ve integrated several ways for our users to interact via social media outlets as well as an ‘instagram’ type feature that will allow you to instantly upload your own finished projects and share with others. The app is actually just the one piece of the Create Change Movement- which will include live workshops events across the country that will educate and inspire but also showcase talented eco artisans.

    It’s not a matter of which app you choose to use (why not both?)- it’s a matter of choosing to take action and make a difference.

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