DIY: 10 Ideas for Updating Old Flip Flops

old flip flops updated

Earlier this month I shared with you an easy-to-follow recipe to make an all-natural foot scrub using lemon juice, coconut oil and sea salt. If you’ve tried it, I bet your feet are feeling refreshed and ready for summer. I know it may be tempting to buy new sandals, but don’t waste your money or further contribute to the ever-growing landfills. Instead, try giving your plain ole flip flops a makeover.

Also known as jandals, slappies and step-ins in other parts of the world, flip flops are a must-have in many of our wardrobes. They only cost a buck or two, and easily slip on and off. I especially like them because they are nearly impossible to destroy and made in a rainbow of colors, perfect for upcycling any way you want.

10 Makeovers for Old Flip Flops

I’ve included 10 ideas to help you transform your flip flops into fabulous footwear using odds and ends from your craft box. Go ahead, gather up your favorite pairs and let’s get started:

  1. Adhere rhinestones, beads and other embellishments to the straps of your flip flops with homemade natural glue or store-bought craft glue. Beware: hot glue may melt the plastic on your sandals
  2. Add glitter for some extra sparkle using glue and small brush like the girls over on Cheer Makeup 101’s blog
  3. Tie balloons around the straps for a playful look as shown over on Craft-o-Matic’s blog
  4. Clip on a rosette made from a recycled t-shirt for a vintage flair; check out my tutorial to learn how to make your own
  5. Attach “flowers” made from repurposed fabric scraps for a frilly and removable accessory
  6. Cover straps in fabric for a custom touch, the extra fabric will help to make your sandals even more comfortable
  7. Remove plastic straps and replace them with t-straps made of ruffles
  8. Or add soft, stretchy braided straps for a unique design, as both ideas are featured on Make it and Love it blog
  9. Make fabric knots in under 30 minutes to achieve an elegant yet casual look by following Destri’s from The Mother Huddle simple steps
  10. Cover the soles of your flip flops with fabric and create an entirely new style with Bev’s tutorial over on Flamingo Toes

Which of these ideas do you the like the most? What are some other ways you like to refashion your flip flops? I’m excited to welcome warmer temps and the sunshine in my new, eco-chic footwear.

Image credit: Kaos Inside via photopin cc

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