US Helping India Develop Renewable Energy (but Read Between the Lines)

In the most general sense, I’m very happy that the United States provides aid to the developing world for everything from disaster recovery to economic development. We are the world’s richest country, and I’ve got no problem with my tax dollars helping out regions of the world that are struggling from a whole host of problems. So, when I first read the headline of this story from DailyIndia.com, I thought “cool.” I also thought “Gosh, I wish we were doing more of that here, too.” Then I read the statement by USAID‘s mission director George Deikun:

“The energy sector is key to the economic growth of South Asia and the deployment of clean technologies can help balance economic development with environmental protection,’ …”

“USAID is committed to working with governments and the private sector of the countries of South Asia to advance renewable energy technologies. A diversified energy portfolio with a strong renewable energy component can better ensure a sustainable energy economy while helping to preserve a clean environment,’ he said.” (My emphasis)

So, here’s my translation: “We’ll kick in a few solar panels and wind mills, but we’ll mainly help the Indians build nuclear reactors and ‘clean coal’ facilities. It’s what our political donors would want…” Too cynical?

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