US Private Sector Take Lead on Climate Change

Found a number of interesting articles that deal with the US government’s failure to take the lead on global warming, and how others are responding to this failure. TriplePundit points us to a brief article at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s website that demonstrates how the private sector is recognizing the long-term benefits of addressing climate change even if their lackies in the White House and Capitol don’t. In fact, a range of businesses are getting downright impatient with the Bush administration’s head-in-the-sand approach, and are asking for “a clear federal standard on emissions of so-called greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, saying the administration’s current approach provides little guidance on how to map strategies for expansion.” And Dubya’s good buddy Tony Blair is even feeling confident that he can get the President to join talks with China and India about climate change initiatives. Good luck, Tony…!

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