Keep that Used Hardwood Flooring Out of the Landfill [Infographic]

I live in an older neighborhood – my own house is over 100 years old – so we often see signs of renovation projects. The most common sign that a neighbor is making updates to his/her home: a dumpster in front of the house. That’s a shame, really, as many of the materials that comes out of these old homes are still perfectly useful in some form or fashion – the house has already lasted over a century!

So, I was intrigued when I got the infographic below in my inbox. Flooring has to be made from durable stuff, so odds are that the hardwood or tile your contractor is throwing in that dumpster could be used for other purposes. There are several ideas below; if you’ve got others, let us know (and point us to any photos of finished projects).

Need to see a larger version of this infographic? Click on it…

upcycling used hardwood flooring and tile infographic

Infographic credit: Trade Price Tiles

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