Wanna Trade Homegrown Veggies?

But what to do with it all when we grow too much of a good thing? Can we just put it on craigslist? Nope:

Canning is one option, but that looks a little dauntingly time consuming to me.

Here’s a solution whose time has come. Veggietrader.com has set up a specialized home grown produce trading market for people to trade fruits and vegetables with each other.

Like craigslist, it depends on local interaction, so it’s not for everyone. If you live in a rural area hundreds of miles from your neighbors, it’s not for you. But if you live in well populated areas, this could be great for your excess garden produce.

How about it. Got any blackberries? I have just tons and tons of tomatoes. And honey.

Via The Good Human
Images from The Good Human and Flikr users charlottekeys and Chiot’s Run and bluerosemama

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