Watch or Listen to Important Ideas #3 – Food Waste

Missed our discussion of food waste, and how to address it, on our weekly Hangout on Air? Not a problem – you can watch the Hangout itself on Youtube, or you can download an audio podcast to take with you. Both options are available below.

Download an audio MP3 of this Hangout

  1. Thrown Out Fish Result in Suffering Fishing Industry

    […] β€œDon’t waste your food” was something most of us heard growing up when we tried to throw away something on our dinner plate that we didn’t like. If only the fishing industry had gotten the same message on cutting down on their waste. According to a new study by the National Marine Fisheries Service, fishermen in the Northeast threw out 156 million pounds of fish from July 2010 to June 2011, with some fisheries discarding more than half of their catches. […]

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