While a number of blogs have sprung up lately on the Sustainable Blogosphere, I wanted to give special attention to one I just found, WaterBlog. I had no idea there was such a thing as “World Water Day,” but apparently it’s been in exisitence since 1992. WaterBlog looks to be a media outlet for

…eight clean water organizations (CARE, Ethos International, Global Green USA, Global Water, Millenium Water Alliance, WaterAid, Waterlines, Water Partners International) [that] are working together to spread the message about World Water Day 2005 and raise public awareness of the grave humanitarian crisis – a silent tsunami that kills over five million people annually: the worldwide scarcity of clean water.

So, keep an eye out for announcements of this group’s press event on March 22nd, and check out their website — http://worldwaterday2005.org

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