We Declare These Truths to be Self-Evident…

Anyone who grew up in or immigrated to the US knows immediately that these words come from the Declaration of Independence. Environmental Action, along with a number of other groups, is using them today to declare Dependence Day. They follow these words with facts that too many of us know too well:

…that America’s dependence on oil is one of our greatest threats; that our vast appetite for oil jeopardizes the security of our nation, the stability of our economy, and the future of our planet.

As much as oil has helped to spur the development of this nation, it is now our greatest vulnerability. Our dependence binds us to undemocratic, anti-American regimes, exposes our economy to costly disruptions, and contributes to the catastrophic consequences of a warmer planet.

With their declaration, EA has launched a very informative web site and petition drive to keep oil addiction on the agenda. Unlike the “Kick the Oil Habit” campaign (which is a part of this one), the Dependence Day coalition is calling for a wide variety of solutions to our oil dependence: much more efficient cars and trucks, biofuel development (with more of a focus on cellulose-based fuels) and public transportation investment. Read through the copious amounts of information on the site, and sign on.

Oh, and why May 31st? Because this year, we’ll use imported oil for seventh month’s worth of our demand. Next year, DD could come earlier… and probably will. This isn’t the behavior of a proud and innovative country — its that of an addict.

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