Welcome to sustainablog 2.0!


We’ve still got some tweaking in the works, but no matter: sustainablog, the sustainability blog I launched in July, 2003, has a new home here at Green Options. I’m eager to get back to my blogging routine, but before I do that, I wanted to share some of the other changes that you’ll see in this new version.

  • Multiple bloggers: As regular readers know, I’ve toyed on and off with the idea of bringing on more writers to sustainablog. With the move to GO, sustainablog will become a group effort: my fellow GO writers will be contributing here as the spirit moves them. sustainablog is still mine, though, so I’ll continue to do my thing (with much more regularity!).
  • Regular features: Over the years at sustainablog, I discovered a number of topics about which I’m particularly passionate: greening the college scene, new green business ideas, appropriate technology, and, of course, poop to power (yeah, I know … that’s kind of weird). I’ll be turning these into regular features. I may not go quite so far as a set editorial calendar (this is a blog, after all), but I’ll make it easy for you to identify these particular topics.
  • Less crap on the sidebar: Yeah, yeah … I tend to get starry-eyed over the latest blog gizmo. As the tech team at Green Options Media will be handling such things, you’ll no longer have deal with my penchant for the latest badge, button or script …

While I’m still the Senior Editor for Green Options, the one thing I don’t plan to change is keeping sustainablog unique in terms of voice and content β€” sustainablog is now partnered with GO, but still a separate blog. Obviously, I’m pretty happy about the way we’ve developed our content at GO, but want sustainablog to continue as a distinct space within the green blogosphere.

Thanks for dropping by … I hope you’ll continue to do so.

PS: The original site still exists, and will for the foreseeable future (though I won’t be updating it). All of the content has migrated over here, so I hope you’ll change your links to point to this new version.

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