What Can You Recycle During The Holidays? [Infographic]

what can you recycle during the holidays

Christmas is just about upon us, so we’re starting to slow down here at sustainablog: expect posts a little less regularly from now until New Year’s Day. But before I start getting my break on, I thought I’d share this great infographic from our friends at Waste Management about what can go in the blue bin as you’re cleaning up after various holiday activities?

So, what can you recycle from gifts, meals, and other elements of holiday celebrations? Can wrapping paper go in the recycling bin? How about bows and ribbons? These questions and more are covered… and, of course, stick to your normal processes with things like food waste (which should be composted).

Have a wonderful celebration for whatever holidays you call your own (or, we hope you did if they’re already past). And for more recycling tips, check out Recycle Often Recycle Right.

what can you recycle during the holidays?

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