Where To Find and Buy Delicious Raw Milk

I love milk. Raw milk, anyway. I never buy milk from the grocery store, even if it is organic. Raw is really the only way to drink it. You can read up on the so-called raw milk “debate” if you really want to, but just take my word: raw is better and it’s the healthiest way to enjoy milk. If it ain’t raw, it’s dead – devoid of nutrition and all the good things that make drinking milk actually healthy. (For more information on this subject, also consider Sandor Katz’s book, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved.)

But perhaps you are not sure how to actually obtain raw milk. It is difficult, after all, considering every state has its own laws surrounding sales of the stuff. In many states, it’s downright illegal to sell. In others, you can get it only if you promise it’s for pet food (ha!), or if you go directly to the farm and purchase it. Thankfully, I live in a state where it is legal to buy directly from the farm. Even better, I can bike the 1.5 mile trip to my local dairy to get my raw milk fix whenever I want. (Did I mention that raw milk is especially superior for making cheese? It’s actually impossible to make many cheeses with pasteurized milk.)

Thankfully, there exists A Campaign For Real Milk, a website devoted to helping people find local, raw milk sources. Soon you may discover that it is not impossible to find quality raw, organic milk. Additionally, the website details what the benefits to drinking raw milk are, in case you need more evidence.

To understand why raw milk is so superior and has been so demonized is also extremely crucial in understanding our industrial food production system. May that milk mustache be a raw one!

Nope, we don’t sell raw milk (and that wouldn’t be the best way to buy it anyway, regardless of legality), but we do have plenty of listings for organic dairy products, including milk, cheese, and Greek yogurt.

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  1. Gary

    I am not going to get into the debate over raw milk. To be honest I really don’t care. I have been a dairyman for many years. And I currently lease my farm to a family that has a grade A raw milk dairy. Yes it IS legal in Idaho. I have drank raw milk all my life my kids grew up on it as well.

    My biggest concern is how the milk is produced. A healthy animal produces healthy milk. Period. Afterward is were folks run into trouble, if you check out the laws governing retail raw milk sales in areas where it is legal you will see just how it can become UN-healthy.

    There are some strict rules on how fast milk must be cooled and to what temperature. As well as how the milking equipment is cleaned and sanitized. Just because a dairy is a grade A facility does NOT mean it is set up to sell retail raw milk all this means is that it is set up to sell milk for further processing. A grade A raw milk dairy has another complete set of rules to insure that the raw milk is properly handled, cooled , bottled, stored and then shipped to your local market.

    If you want to drink raw milk good for you. But for your safety and the safety of you family know where your raw milk is coming from and how its produced. My favorite line that I use when educating folks on raw milk is “Aunt Martha milking into an old enamel slop jar is NOT THE SAME as a retail raw milk dairy.

  2. Teresa

    Gary can you direct me to where I can find the details of what to look for and ask at a raw milk farm? I found one but with it being illegal there is no one regulating it. Thanks!

  3. Tom

    I believe in raw milk. I was raised on it and there was very little illness in any of our family growing up. What I don’t understand is that you will find “raw milk” advertized but then it says the milk is “vat pasturized”. What is the difference between vat and commercial pasturization? I also have to agree with Gary….you have to start out with good feeding and care practices on the cattle before you can even begin talking about good milk. Thanks for your site. Just found it and appreciate how you are living your life…simple is the best way.


    When I was very young I was very sickly. The MEDICAL DOCTOR that my mother took me to PRESCRIBED RAW MILK for me to drink to assist in improving my health. It worked wonders in my health. I was raised on it, and it was bought it from not just dairies, but from private families that raised milk cows. I raised all of my own children on it too. Never have I or anyone that I know of has had any kind of health problem from raw milk. I want to find a place that I can buy it from again.

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