Wiggly Worms Work

Just had to repeat the alliteration from this Hippy Shopper post on sources of composting worms in Great Britain, and add a second to the post’s “evangelizing” on worm composting. I’ve got a home-made worm bin in my basement, and, boy, can they eat the organic trash! I used castings for preparing a section of my lawn for new grass, and will keep you posted on how that otherwise consistently bare spot works out this Spring and Summer. Finally, it’s just a lot of fun to watch a small ecosystem at work — I’ve learned at least as much about life cycles and systems thinking by checking the worms as I have from the various books I’ve read.

Update: While you can buy ready-made worm bins, I made my own using this plan. So far, it’s worked great! The worms themselves are a different matter. I got lucky at my local bait and tackle shop, but you do need the Eisenia Foetida species of redworm to compost properly.

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