Wild Things… You Make My Heart Sing…

OK, cut me a little slack… I’m not nearly as bad about cheesy musical allusions as some…;-)

More green goings-on in Chicago this weekend — seems like that’s often the case lately! On Saturday, The Habitat Project, along with a whole slew of other organizations, is hosting Wild Things: A Chicago Wilderness conference. This one-day event is open to all (you can register at the door), and they’ve even organized events around attendees level of expertise:

You are invited to a day-long conference that brings together the region’s best experts, most dedicated volunteers and anyone interested in nature. Technical presentations and interactive workshops will explore the latest in natural areas preservation, wildlife protection and monitoring. The conference is organized in “tracks” designed for everyone from beginners to experts. There is special focus on empowering citizen scientists, stewards and advocates with information, networking and good ideas.

Wild Things will feature more than 80 large and small-group sessions drawn from real-life experiences with everything from the nitty gritty of habitat management, botany, and zoology to advocacy, education, art, culture, history and backyard and neighborhood ecology. It’s a great opportunity to listen, ask questions, and contribute to the effort to conserve the natural ecosystems and habitats of the greater Chicagoland area.

The schedule is jam-packed, regardless of which track you choose, and it looks like there’s a good mix of sessions focused on the academic and the practical. Sounds like a can’t-miss event if you’re in area. I’ve got work to attend to on Saturday, but would love to hear back from anyone who does attend.

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