Will Work for Planet and Profit

school-books.jpgI remember graduating from college and having that feeling in the pit of my stomach “Damn, now what?” Well, if you’re into clean energy, you may have some good prospects.

Renewable energy businesses are booming, but they’re competing quite intensely for talented people. Writing for Renewable Energy Access, Dawn Dzurilla noted that the “triple bottom line” of People, Planet, and Profit are motivating job seekers to enter the industry. Its rapid growth and challenging opportunities are keeping people in this cutting-edge career.

There are several colleges and universities around the country offering cleantech-related programs, like wind turbine maintenance. The University of Oregon has become the first in the U.S. to offer a course in renewable energy law. It’s a part of its sustainable business certificate program to train students for careers in environmentally friendly industries. The state has identified cleantech and renewable energy as “vital” to the economic development of the state, so it’s taking steps to train its workforce in that field.

KTVZ.com (Portland, OR)
Renewable Energy Access

  1. Oscar Cardenas

    Nice post, Maria. I ran accross Tulane University’s catalog and found that they are 1/7 schools offering a JD in Env. Law and 1/3 schools that offer an LLM in Energy/Env. Law.

  2. Susie Hammer

    A ray of hope! People are getting on board in a
    significant way. I always knew that when big money
    could be made with “green” everyone would jump on
    it. Greed is finally becoming green.

  3. Gavin Hudson

    This is so good to hear. I searched for ages for a green job, going from interview to interview hearing “we’d like to hire you… since we’re a non-profit we, er… could you work… well, actually intern… for… er… for free?”

  4. JoAnn

    Going green is definitely the place to be for the next century. I entered into the green industry in quite a different way than you are going, but it’s still a move in the right direction. It’s really awesome that the green movement has finally come here. My family from Germany is amazed at the size of our garbage cans. How about a full fledged effort to make our waste services more green? Instead of looking for a company that’s already “green” how about one that needs to go green? Just a thought!

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